• How to activate the Roku device at roku.com/link?

    Well, Roku allows its users to get access to free and paid video content including movies, shows, documentaries, news, etc on their TV via the internet. You can subscribe to different entertainment platforms like Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Hulu, Sling TV, etc, and watch everything in one place. You need to visit the official Roku activation link i.e. roku.com/link to enter the activation code. This article is going to share step by step manual for the Roku activation in detail.

    Features of having a Roku device

    The following are the reasons due to which you need to get a Roku device:

    • Users can watch paid and free Roku channels, live content, and videos available for streaming.
    • The users can purchase the subscription of different channels as per their need
    • There is no need to get a cable TV connection to watch Roku
    • Roku device does not charge any fee pre and post-activation. You only need to subscribe to the channels.

    How to activate Roku using the Roku activation code?

    The following are the step by step guide to set up and activate Roku device using the Roku com link URL:

    • Turn on the Roku device and connect it with an internet connection such as Wi-Fi.
    • After that, you will receive a Roku activation code on the screen.
    • You need to make a note of the code to keep it safe throughout the process.
    • Under the activation code, you will find the link where you need to enter the code.
    • Further, go to the web browser of a computer and enter roku.com/link.
    • An activation page will appear on the screen asking to enter the activation code.
    • Input the Roku activation code in the space provided
    • Click on the “next” button and login into your Roku account
    • Now your Roku device has been activated and ready to entertain you.